Supporting bushfire recovery efforts

Supporting bushfire recovery efforts


Like so many, we at Nous feel deeply for those people affected by the bushfires that have devastated large areas across many parts of Australia. Our hearts go out to the families, communities and places which have been hit the hardest, and we continue to hope that the remainder of the bushfire season will offer some reprieve.

Nous has committed to supporting the bushfire recovery process, with three major initiatives:

  1. Through our Community Partnership Scheme we will offer consulting work to the value of $200k exclusively to organisations who support bushfire recovery efforts.
  2. We will partake in the Victorian government’s Business for Bushfire Recovery initiative, by committing to running our Melbourne mid-year ‘Nous Day’ in a bushfire affected area. This means our investment in venue, catering and accommodation (for over 200 staff) will go directly to a community in recovery.
  3. We will run a Nous Bushfire fundraiser across all of our offices on Thursday, 30 January. Funds raised from national activities will be donated to the Australian Red Cross and funds raised in each office will be donated to a local charity. Stay tuned to our social media for updates and photos.

We are grateful to those who put themselves on the line to protect our lives and homes during bushfire season. We support and celebrate our staff who are contributing to the national response – in the Defence Force Reserves and through volunteering. We look forward to making the contributions we have outlined above and seeing our firm and our nation come together in supporting our recovery from this crisis.