Design of an innovative, individualised approach to talent development

Design of an innovative, individualised approach to talent development


Nous Group partnered with a European financial payments organisation to co-design their approach to talent development.

The organisation sought to enable business agility and capability for the future

Operating in a rapidly changing and competitive environment, the organisation identified five areas, aligned closely with its strategic priorities, which would be critical to future success:

We developed a programme that is highly individualised, innovative and aligned with future needs

Nous worked closely with the director of talent, participants and other stakeholders to co-design a new development programme focused on challenging participants to innovate, to solve business problems and stretch themselves. Building on the 70/20/10 approach, components of the programme include:

  • exposure to the latest thought leadership
  • opportunities to work with senior business leaders on real organisational challenges
  • exposure to lean and agile methodologies through an innovation presentations to senior management
  • immersive activities, site visits and placements in other areas of the businesses
  • secondments to local and international innovation labs
  • events and online platform to enable connection with other participants in their cohort
  • feedback and mentoring.

The approach allowed for individual tailoring

Rather than a prescriptive programme, the approach offers a selection of development opportunities that best suit the individuals and the business, and will be a key input into succession planning. Participants are selected following an assessment against six critical capabilities for the future and individuals can select the initiatives that best suit them while still benefiting from the connection, collaboration and support offered by the other participants, leaders and talent team.

A process is in place to track and report progress and outcomes to the chief executive officer and senior leadership group, closely linking results to future workforce needs.

What other organisations can learn

  • Identify and build capability in the areas the business requires to be competitive in the future, ensuring leaders understand what long-term success looks like, and the threats and challenges to overcome.
  • Provide a rich array of learning opportunities, that stretch and challenge participants and that are aligned with real business challenges and situations.
  • Design an approach that is agile and flexible that can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals and business in a volatile market.