Strategic planning to transform Australia’s largest tribunal

Strategic planning to transform Australia’s largest tribunal


The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is the largest tribunal in Australia and hears and resolves over 85,000 civil, residential, planning, administrative and human rights disputes per year.

A new strategy to increase accessibility and respond to digitisation

VCAT sought to build on the success of its new 2018-22 strategy by detailing the internal changes required to enable it to deliver on external calls for more efficient access to justice, increased digitisation, and greater support for those who need it.

We consulted widely to identify specific strategies for wide-reaching change

Nous worked with VCAT to develop key initiatives for the next four years, ensuring all stakeholders’ input. We:

  1. reviewed the programs of work that shaped VCAT from 2014 to 2017
  2. consulted with employees across all levels to obtain a complete picture of internal dynamics and a diverse range of ideas
  3. engaged with external stakeholders to understand their perceptions of VCAT and identify critical interfaces and interdependencies between agencies.

We identified not only key strategic pillars, but also the underlying reasons for each pillar, and specific programs of work that can be implemented to address the opportunities identified.

The new strategic plan will improve access for all tribunal users

The new strategic plan will guide VCAT over the next four years to achieve its ambition of delivering fair and efficient justice for all Victorians, especially through increased accessibility.

What other organisations can learn

  • Comprehensive employee and stakeholder consultation will reveal important insights
  • Digitisation will support new service models for Courts and Tribunals
  • Developing leaders and shaping culture as part of the planning process supports successful implementation.