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Nous joins upReach Virtual Careers Academy

Nous joins upReach Virtual Careers Academy


Consulting offers exciting career paths for people from a variety of backgrounds but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.

We were thrilled to recently join the Virtual Careers Academy of upReach, an organisation that helps disadvantaged students from across the UK to realise their potential.

At the Careers Academy we gave Associates an understanding of careers in management consulting through a one-hour workshop led by Nous Director Antonia Instone.

“Nous was delighted to support the upReach Career Academy on management consulting for the second year,” Antonia said. “upReach does fantastic work and we were pleased to help the Associates get a feel for a career in management consulting.”

The session gave Associates a taste of consulting approaches to problem-solving and communication. The Associates were enthusiastic participants, trying out their new skills on an inclusive case study. After the session we were available to support the students with queries and to expand their professional networks.

In their feedback on the session, all Associates said they would recommend it to another Associate and that they found the sessions useful. The Associates said they appreciated the interactivity, including the opportunity to ask questions and network with employers.

UpReach has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. We look forward to continuing to support upReach as it moves into its second decade.

Posted on 5 May 2022

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