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Publicly Available Reports

Publicly Available Reports


Public meets private: The growth of educational services in international student recruitment
Nous Group, Oxford International Education Group and Universities UK International

Governance Review and Operational Review
Laurentian University

Reimagining Sydney Law School 2020-2025
University of Sydney

Effectiveness in implementation of access and participation plan reform: Part 1
Office for Students, United Kingdom

Effectiveness in implementation of access and participation plan reform: Part 2
Office for Students, United Kingdom

Advancing University Engagement: University engagement and global league tables
King’s College London, the University of Chicago and the University of Melbourne

International Higher Education Student Flows

Data opportunities in international education and training

Economic Impact of the Regional Universities Network - Summary Report
Regional Universities Network

International opportunities for Australian school curriculum, assessment and regulatory products - Australian International Education: Enabling Growth and Innovation
NSW Education Standards Authority

Enhancing the value of PhDs to Australian industry
Australian Technology Network of Universities

Data opportunities in international education and training

Schooling Challenges and Opportunities
Review of Funding for Schooling Panel

Kindergarten Central Registration and Enrolment: Development Guide and Practice Guide
Victorian Department of Education and Training

A credit management solution for the tertiary education sector
Universities Admissions Centre


Cost and ease of doing business in Victoria
Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Independent review of the temporary JobKeeper provisions of the fair Fair Work Act
Attorney-General for Australia and Minister for Industrial Relations

Policy directions to increase business investment in innovation
Office of Innovation and Science Australia

Business Research and Innovation Initiative Pilot: Post-commencement Evaluation
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Employment Services 2020: Consultation report
Department of Jobs and Small Business (Australia)

Flexible work, good for business?
The Office of Prevention and Women’s Equality (Victoria)

Making it easier to do business in Victoria
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (Victoria)

Outcomes Framework June 2018
Domestic and Family Violence (NSW Government)

The Mallee Regional Skills demand profile
Victorian Skills Commissioner

Review of Australia's Longitudinal Data System 2016
Department of Social Services (Australia)

Creating a jobs vision for Geelong
The Gordon

Perspectives on the use of performance frameworks in the Australian federation
Council of Australian Governments Reform Council

Collaboration between sectors to improve customer outcomes for citizens of New South Wales
New South Wales Public Service Commission


Implementation plan for value-based healthcare in NSW WC (workers compensation) and CTP (compulsory third party) schemes
NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority

Value of Physiotherapy in Australia
Australian Physiotherapy Association

Evaluation of the Northern Territory Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010-2020
Northern Territory Department of Health

Review of key attributes of high-performing person-centred healthcare organisations
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Mums and Kids Matter Evaluation - Final Report
Mental Health – Children and Young People, New South Wales Ministry of Health

Longitudinal evaluation of the Doorway program: formative evaluation report and summative evaluation report
Mental Illness Fellowship

Strategic review of three of Victoria’s Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Services - Youth Residential Rehabilitation, Adult Residential Rehabilitation and Day Programs
Department of Health (Victoria)

The Menzies-Nous Australian Health Survey
Menzies Centre for Health Policy

Social care

Discussion Paper: Review of the Working with Vulnerable People Act
Community Services Directorate (Australian Capital Territory)

Evaluation of New South Wales Carers' Action Plan
Department of Family & Community Services (New South Wales)

Investing in the future: The impact of youth programs in remote central Australia: a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis
Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service

Hidden in plain sight: The impact of the COVID-19 response on mature-age, low-income people in Australia
Brotherhood of St Laurence


The CEO in government: Leading arm's-length bodies well
Association of Chief Executives (UK)

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