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Refreshed employee value proposition brings new benefits and opportunities


For more than 20 years Nousers have loved the projects, the people and the flexibility that comes with working with us. Now the world is changing, thanks to the combined impacts of social shifts, new technology and the pandemic, we think it is time to refresh our employee value proposition (EVP).

Our refreshed EVP is driven by the principle that we offer a flexible experience that delivers positive influence and growth for our team, our colleagues, and our clients. The refreshed EVP is being introduced this year across the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, benefitting our current team of 500 and our many new employees as we continue to grow.

Our EVP is to:

  • solve problems that matter and change lives for the better
  • be stretched and challenged yet given space to be creative and innovative
  • have agency at all levels and an opportunity to influence decisions and outcomes
  • enjoy a culture of transparency and collaboration with great colleagues
  • be enabled to live a full life both at Nous and outside of Nous.

Our EVP will now be expanded through several enhancements to our total employment experience:

  • Enhanced birth, adoption and surrogacy leave scheme, which provides 18 weeks’ leave with full pay for primary caregivers and 10 weeks’ leave with full pay for secondary caregivers to provide Nousers with an incentive to take extended leave as the primary caregiver. Access to leave is gender-neutral, and pension is paid throughout this period.
  • Flexible public holidays, in which Nousers can choose to take the day of leave for a public holiday on a date of their choice. (This flexibility is not available for the new year holiday period, when the Nous offices are closed.)
  • Five days compassionate leave rather than just the statutory minimum entitlements, in addition to existing categories of leave.

These benefits come in addition to our existing employment offer, which includes a collaborative bonus, financial support for professional development and professional memberships, allowances for technology and working from home, opportunity to purchase leave and career break opportunities.

Tim Orton, Founder and Managing Principal at Nous, said the refreshed EVP would build on our position as an employer of choice.

“The core values that have driven Nous as an employer for 23 years remain at our heart,” Tim said. “Flexibility, choice and care are philosophies that underpin our culture and we are pleased to push these even further with our refreshed EVP.”

Over the next year Nous is looking to hire up to 100 new consultants. New opportunities will be listed on our Careers page.

You can find out more about our employee value proposition on our website.

Published on 23 May 2022.

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