Defence & security

Defence & security

The UK and its allies face mounting strategic risks. Global conflict, political risks, terrorism and cyber operations are increasing pressure on defence and security services. So robustness and responsiveness are imperative.

We have a strong track record of partnering with defence organisations. Our work spans leadership, culture, strategy, operating models, futures planning, and procurement, including major transformation programmes.

As a firm we are inspired by improving people’s lives. When we partner with defence organisations, we think big to broaden and elevate the sense of what is possible.

Our work includes


To effect cultural change, defence leaders can benefit from perspectives outside the military hierarchy. For example, we have prompted our defence clients to hold meetings and lectures in non-military and neutral spaces, where participants are best able to think creatively beyond the chain of command.


Positive culture is critical to ensuring positive outcomes. We have worked extensively with defence organisations, providing staff with practical tools to drive culture change. Our consultants help implement changes that last, with proven flow-on benefits (for instance, our work led to a 21 per cent increase in operating days at sea for the Navy).

Strategy and operating model

We have a track record of developing strategy and implementing operating models in defence, including implementing major transformation strategies. Our support has led to significant improvements in senior Defence officer satisfaction, capabilities and collaboration metrics.


Evolving and complex threats require the defence sector to be prepared for whatever comes next. We have deep experience in preparing our clients through methodologies including immersion in scenario-based risks. For example, we have worked with organisations to assess the maritime security implications of the Ukraine conflict and to prepare for the cascading consequences of climate change.


European and global security environments are deteriorating. That means greater pressure on defence organisations to deliver next-generation military capability quickly, and because of continued funding pressure, cheaply. We can help defence procurement organisations meet this challenge by bringing our deep expertise in defence, procurement, and organisational strategy and performance.


Scenario testing helps UK agencies prepare for complex incidents

Nous helped 15 UK government organisations improve multi-agency communication and collaboration in response to complex incidents.

PMO change deadline

Using a PMO to deliver a multi-agency change on a tight deadline

With just three months remaining until a hard delivery deadline, a UK department commissioned us to support its change programme.


We are an approved supplier to the UK Government Futures Framework, run by the Government Office for Science

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