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Effective, efficient and impactful government enables a thriving society and stronger economy. Continuing social and digital transformation has changed citizens’ and ministers’ expectations of government. Departments and public bodies are exploring new ways to organise themselves to meet and exceed these expectations.

We work with government to help it better serve and empower citizens. Our team combines a deep understanding of government – in the UK and abroad – with skills in strategy, organisational design, digital transformation, data and public policy.

We rapidly understand the context for departments and public bodies and develop tailored solutions for enduring positive influence. Our broad suite of work includes redesigning government structures and processes, supporting leadership development and sophisticated benchmarking.

Our consulting services include

Organisational design

Effective government needs the right team design and capabilities to meet ministerial priorities and deliver services for the public. We help set the strategic direction and support a transition to the most effective, efficient and appropriate structures. We work with leaders at all levels in an to give them the skills, processes, and ways of working to translate strategic into policy success.

Digital transformation and data

Rising public expectations, rapidly evolving digital technologies and changes to policy delivery mean approaches to service delivery need to adapt. Governments manage immense data assets that can help meet these expectations. This provides a foundation for benchmarking, accountability and improved services. We centre services around citizens’ needs to achieve substantial impact.


Departments and public bodies operate in a complex political and strategic environment. We collaboratively work with leaders and system participants to push for practical strategies that meet stakeholder needs and support whole-of-government priorities.

Public policy

Effective policy development, implementation and evaluation supports the best outcomes for citizens, businesses and government. It should not be something done to society and communities. We work with all groups to maximise the wider policy benefits.

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Helping government departments through benchmarking

CiviForum is a comprehensive resourcing diagnostic platform designed to help government departments and agencies understand who and what is efficient, and where they can save costs.

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New report explores the skills needed to lead an arm’s-length body

Nous Group and the Public Chairs’ Forum are pleased to launch a new report, “The Chair in Government”, that sheds new light on the role of the chair of arm’s-length bodies (ALBs).

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As the UK Government seeks efficiencies, Australia’s experience offers lessons

UK Government departments and agencies facing budget cuts can look to their Australian counterparts for guidance.

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For public sector organisations looking to improve efficiency, start with the data

As many leading organisations have discovered, data allows executives to use hard evidence to make smarter choices, complementing experience and expertise.

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Driving Change: How regulators can improve performance by measuring impact

In this episode of  NousCast, we speak to Greg Joffe, a strategy expert in Nous’ Sydney office, and Peter Horne, a regulatory expert in our London office, on the topic of measuring regulatory performance.

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