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People expect more from governments given the events of recent years. From the pandemic response to the redesign of social and economic supports, governments are asked to play a more active role than in the past – driven and shaped by the needs of customers and citizens.

To meet this challenge, government agencies need to rapidly develop new capabilities and new ways of thinking and operating. Many found the COVID experience useful in accelerating reform – such as transitioning to online services or adopting flexible work arrangements – and are keen to build on that momentum. Others are working to navigate and shape the COVID recovery landscape, calibrating policy related to areas including regulation, skills, employment and regional development.

Our team combines a understanding of government with capabilities relevant to the public sector and policy reform. Our work includes partnering with central agencies on whole-of-government initiatives to develop leadership capability, conducting analysis to inform policy development, and redesigning services to meet contemporary needs and standards.

Our work includes

Product and service pricing

Government agencies often find it difficult to determine how much they should charge for the services they offer. Getting it right can be essential to keeping government services sustainable. Using the Nous Product Pricing Tool, we can provide government clients with market information and a framework for price setting.

Expenditure reviews

Expenditure reviews can be used by governments to optimise performance. We have conducted detailed reviews of expenditure on program and functions to assess alignment with government and agency priorities. We help government clients to ask the right questions about whether agencies are doing the right work, investing in the right things, and operating effectively and efficiently.

Supporting whole-of-government reform

Governments are undergoing major shifts in service delivery, regulation, stakeholder engagement, workforce structures and capability needs. We have provided practical and targeted assistance in all these areas. Our work has brought coherence and rigour to reform efforts, delivered detailed advice and evidence to support reform initiatives and equipped agencies with the capabilities needed to drive and embed change.

Regional development

The UK's regions have had uneven economic development and assumptions about their future are being challenged by post-COVID consequences. We leverage our economic analysis and curated data sets to provide insights into the opportunities for regional development. We advise governments on specific strategies for supporting regional development through use of a wide range of levers.


Helping government departments drive improvements through benchmarking

CiviForum is a comprehensive resourcing diagnostic platform designed to help government departments and agencies understand who and what is efficient, and where they can save costs.

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