Reconciliation at Nous

Reconciliation at Nous

Nous’ vision for reconciliation is for all Australians to understand, respect and value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures, and heritages. This includes accepting our shared history and addressing its effects on Australian society.

Our vision is for all Australians to have the same opportunities for social, economic and cultural prosperity, and a standard of living that is not compromised by their identity – a closing of the current gap between the experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians.

To help bring this vision to life Nous has developed a Statement of Commitment to collaborate with and learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Statement commits Nous to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned companies and to building our competence so we can achieve better outcomes.

Reconciliation Action Plan

We have committed to a Reconciliation Action Plan to guide our contribution to reconciliation. Our current Innovate RAP, launched in 2020, includes three themes: Relationships, Respect and Opportunities. This RAP builds on our Reflect RAP, in place from 2014 to 2016, and our Innovate RAP, in place from 2017 to 2019.

Nous Group's Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Indigenous Employment Strategy

An inclusive workforce that reflects contemporary Australia is critical to delivering performance and positive influence for our clients. Our latest Indigenous Employment Strategy (2019 to 2021) has three primary objectives:

1. Direct employment. At the start of the strategy, 1.7 per cent of Nousers identified as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, and we are seeking to increase that to 4 per cent.

2. Indirect employment. We aim for more Indigenous people to be employed through a secondment or direct exchange.

3. Human resources practices. We aim to facilitate a network of Indigenous staff, create a supportive workplace that harnesses diversity, ensure that Nousers are culturally competent and support Indigenous staff to reach their full potential.

Nous collaborates with CareerTrackers to provide paid internship opportunities to Indigenous students. CareerTrackers honoured Nous with a 2019 Most Valued Partner Award. We also partner with the Aurora Education Foundation, creating an employment pathway for participants in its programs.

We welcome applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to join Nous. Visit our careers page to learn more.


CareerTrackers honours Nous for Indigenous internship collaboration

We have partnered with CareerTrackers, which supports the professional development of Indigenous Australians, to provide internship opportunities. Since our partnership commenced in 2016, Nous has taken on more than eight students as interns and offered workshops and training to improve the capabilities of participants.

Nousers posing for photo at CareerTrackers' Awards

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