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Alannah Tran

Senior Visual Designer
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Alannah is an accomplished visual designer who depicts nuanced understandings of user-experiences in accessible ways, using techniques including live visual recording, animations and high-quality finished artwork.

She brings to the role academic qualifications in engineering and business, as well as years in management consulting in which she has worked closely with consultants and clients to deliver impactful results.

Influential work

  • Captured graphic recordings of a two-week national roundtable with people across the education system on the issue of school staff abuse
  • Created character animations as part of a children’s hospital culture and leadership transformation
  • Supported the design of Child Link to improve information-sharing across agencies to protect children, working with the project team and client to create complex current and future state journey maps
  • Worked with local councils to streamline business approvals, including scribing live at an event with City of Melbourne stakeholders to produce an output that has since been displayed as part of the City’s Wall of Fame
  • Used human-centred design to develop a customer service delivery model showing the journey for all users for a workers’ compensation conciliation service provider.

Outside of Nous

Alannah has 20 years of experience ranging from engineering to design, working across professional services, digital creative agencies and manufacturing. This diversity in experience shapes Alannah’s strategic and conceptual thinking when designing for clients.

Alannah holds a Diploma of Graphic Design from RMIT, a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) with Honours, and a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University. She participated in an intense generative scribing course from The Visual Practice Workshop to learn generative and empathetic listening and scribing through presenting. She also holds certificates in creating accessible documents (advanced Adobe PDF and MS Office) from Vision Australia, and user-experience design from General Assembly.

In her spare time...

Alannah practices the empathetic art of aikido-yoga, tends to her bonsais and spends time with her family. Her interests are in copperplate calligraphy, painting and illustrating.

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