Andrew Pritchett

Chief Information Officer

Andrew Pritchett headshot
Andrew is a strategic, results-driven leader specialising in technology and cybersecurity.
As a Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer with more than 20 years of experience, Andrew has excelled in driving significant digital transformations across major firms. His expertise spans innovative technology strategy development, team management, and delivering impactful IT solutions. Andrew is passionate about leadership development, adapting to evolving technology needs, and was instrumental during the pandemic as a CISO.

Influential work

  • Created a comprehensive technology strategy, resulting in a clear roadmap for IT advancements
  • Managed a complex merger at Grant Thornton and reduced the technology budget from A$10 million to A$6.5 million while enhancing service delivery
  • Led a major digital overhaul improving client services at Grant Thornton, receiving multiple internal and global innovation awards
  • Successfully integrated multiple firms, significantly increasing firm revenue with minimal operational expense impact
  • Enhanced cybersecurity standards globally within a firm, significantly improving compliance and security posture.

Outside of Nous

Andrew's previous roles include Head of Information Systems at Monash College and CIO positions at Grant Thornton and Griffith Hack. He has been recognised for his contributions to technology with several patents and has received multiple industry awards.

In his spare time...

Andrew enjoys mountain biking, drawing, and parenting. His interest in technology extends into his personal life, where he actively engages in the latest tech developments.