Andrew Thanur

Senior Consultant

Andrew Thanur headshot
Andrew combines skills in strategy, data analytics and finance to help clients deliver on their goals.
He is passionate about creating change that has a meaningful impact and helping clients make data-driven decisions.

Influential work

  • Developed $35 million market strategy for a TAFE institute by quantifying the value of seven market segments and prioritising segments that aligned with the client’s value proposition, emerging market trends and competitor landscape
  • Enhanced central agency decision-making by comprehensively evaluating the efficacy and effectiveness of a data-driven workforce model – affecting 20,000 staff – used in Treasury bids by a state law enforcement agency
  • Developed the evidence-base for a court to support transition to a more cost-effective case pathway – with cost-savings of $1.5 million – by performing comparative analysis of two events involving financial modelling and Monte Carlo simulations to construct a counterfactual
  • Supported public policy decision-making by evaluating the impact of a $250 million state-wide program and producing insights and recommendations to improve the program’s role in supporting vulnerable cohorts
  • Streamlined workforce capability by redesigning a university’s organisational structure based on a value chain analysis that identified capability gaps
  • Developed a demand data model to quantify social housing need to inform housing support processes.

Outside of Nous

Andrew has a violin Grade 8 Australian Music Examination Board qualification. He is also a trained barista and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (finance and economics) from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Finance from the Melbourne Business School.

Prior to joining Nous, Andrew was in PwC’s Trust and Risk team, where he gained experience in risk consulting and worked on governance, risk and compliance engagements.

In his spare time...

When not studying, Andrew explores new things and challenges himself. He is a bouldering enthusiast and loves climbing with friends. He also enjoys reading, cafe hopping and rewatching classic sitcoms.