Annalise Humphris

Senior Consultant

Annalise Humphris headshot
Annalise is a skilled qualitative researcher with a deep interest in public policy and its effects.
With a PhD in Australian history, she offers a well-rounded approach to projects, combining investigative instincts with critical thinking and clear writing. Working with stakeholders, she brings thoroughness and an eye for scouting possibilities and solutions. Reflected in her postgraduate research, Annalise has an interest in Australian history, multiculturalism, policing, the LGBTQI+ communities and activism, HIV/AIDS, immigration, feminism and the higher education sector.

Outside of Nous

Annalise holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from The University of Melbourne along with a Master of Research and a Doctor of Philosophy from Macquarie University. She is a founding member of the Macquarie Graduate Research Union (MGRU), established in June 2020. MGRU is an independent group that advocates on behalf of post-graduate research students at Macquarie University.

In her spare time...

Annalise likes searching for the best almond croissant in Sydney, floating in the ocean and going for hikes.