Belinda Gaddes

Senior Visual Designer - Brand Lead

Belinda Gaddes headshot
Belinda has 18 years of experience as a graphic designer and 15 of those have been spent working in the professional service industry.
Her expertise covers a broad range of areas including branding, corporate identity, print catalogues, brochures, reports, product promotion, packaging, signage, end-to-end marketing campaigns, illustrations, infographics and presentations.

Influential work

  • Produced a professional A2 poster for publication for a government sector, with infographics and icons that were consistent with the client’s style guide
  • Created a suite of new Microsoft templates for an employment service provider, based on their own brand guidelines, that were rolled out across the business
  • Produced a visually engaging report for a government department including photos, infographics, iconography, journey maps and illustrations
  • Contributed to the roll-out of a new global brand identity across Australia; involving creating new brand guidelines and templates, educating staff through a series of presentations and workshops about the new brand, and training them on which templates to use and how to use them.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Belinda worked in the financial services industry; where she focused on all types of print collateral, developing and rebranding of corporate identity, magazine advertising, and social media branding and awareness. This design work often required her to implement a client’s own brand guidelines, and at times create new templates, reflecting the particular brand identity. Belinda has also worked in a boutique design agency, where she worked on hotel collateral, signage and packaging.


Key Capabilities