Daniel Warren

Senior Consultant

Daniel Warren headshot
Daniel uses his expertise in economics, financial analysis and strategic planning to give clients actionable insights and support for key decisions.
He is experienced in conducting cost-benefit analyses, facilitating stakeholder engagement, and managing feasibility studies for complex projects. Daniel also brings expertise in project management and risk mitigation, ensuring efficient project execution and safeguarding against potential pitfalls. He has worked with clients across government, financial services, housing and community development, delivering tailored solutions to diverse challenges.

Influential work

  • Conducted complex cost-benefit analysis to independently assess the financial viability of an $11 billion strategy for a government department
  • Assisted in the consultation, refinement and implementation of a major organisational restructure for a national corporate regulator
  • Managed a feasibility analysis and wrote a business case for industry housing in remote First Nations communities and homelands
  • Facilitated stakeholder engagement and ran operating model analysis as part of a comprehensive review of the human resources function servicing a major government transport project
  • Cross-analysed data sets and facilitated a detailed review of a university’s business model to identify key risks and potential opportunities for growth
  • Codeveloped a strategy cascade for a commercial bank, defining the company vision and initiatives to achieve the set objectives
  • Custom built a technical Excel-based compliance tool and accompanying database for a primary environmental regulator
  • Conducted financial analysis and collateral inspection due diligence for a multinational bank.

Outside of Nous

Daniel previously worked in financial restructuring, helping to restore stability and deliver value to businesses experiencing operational or financial challenges. Through this experience, Daniel discovered a passion for organisational improvement through robust financial analysis and pragmatic strategic planning.

He holds a Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) from the University of Technology Sydney. He is also qualified to provide basic emergency life support, CPR and First Aid, and has volunteered as a First Aid Officer.

In his spare time...

Daniel is an avid runner, hiker and filmmaker who enjoys spending his weekends outside with friends and family. He is also learning to code and speak German – just not at the same time!