Erwin Qiu

Senior Consultant

Erwin Qiu headshot
With a background in finance and information systems, Erwin is passionate about devising innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges facing organisations.
At Deloitte and 180 Degrees Consulting he worked with public sector clients and not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) on digital transformation and strategy projects. His experience spans multiple domains, including digital transformation and business operations.

Influential work

  • Conducted user acceptance testing and debugged defects to support the deployment of a $1.5 million budgeting and planning enterprise system for an emergency services provider
  • Improved the efficiency and effectiveness of employee training processes by preparing a comprehensive eight-week training program to streamline knowledge transfer tasks
  • Introduced data analytics visualisations into market research reports to provide clients strategic insight into the most popular features of overseas competitor products
  • Improved the efficiency of digital marketing processes of an Australian NFP by 30 percent by incorporating social media analytics into research tasks to enable data-driven decision-making
  • Conducted primary research by surveying and interviewing more than 100 respondents to drive the development of a youth engagement strategy for an environmental NFPs.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Erwin interned at Deloitte Consulting, where he supported the implementation of a large-scale digital transformation project for an Australian Emergency Services provider. He is also experienced in data analysis and reporting: as a Business Operations Analyst at IBM Consulting, he analysed and reported large datasets to C-Suite executives and Partners. Similarly, as Project Intern at Export Connect, he analysed datasets to prepare market research reports for clients.

Erwin holds a Bachelor of Finance and a Bachelor of Information Systems from the University of New South Wales, where he was involved with 180 Degrees Consulting. He also held leadership positions at the UNSW Microfinance Consulting Group where he devised successful initiatives to deliver substantial growth.

In his spare time...

Erwin loves trying new restaurants and playing basketball. At home, he enjoys gaming and is fascinated with hardware and software. He hopes to travel the world and experience different cultures and cuisines.