Noah Kornhauser

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Noah combines a strong work ethic with a calm demeanour to deliver work that has a positive impact on society.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne, majoring in accounting and finance.

Influential work

  • Conducted an operating model review for the enrolments, scholarships and graduation practices of a Group of 8 university, aiming to improve performance and student experience
  • Developed a cost-benefit analysis for the supported residential services sector in Victoria, which proposed five funding model options with supporting financial modelling
  • Supported the development of the Victorian Community Housing Workforce Strategy and Implementation Plan, to ensure the community housing workforce had the capability and capacity to meet the needs of renters
  • Contributed to the Net Zero Australia mobilisation report, outlining the key challenges Australia faces in decarbonisation
  • As a retail manager improved the way performance metrics were tracked internally, by creating digital tools to automate measurement of KPIs and to track team availability.

Outside of Nous

Noah worked in retail during his Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Melbourne, first at Accent Group, where he was a manager, and subsequently at Apple. In both roles, Noah was passionate about finding ways to track and measure performance to improve decision-making and drive results.

He has volunteered for a variety of not-for-profits, including Keratoconus Australia and Kids in Philanthropy.

In his spare time...

Noah loves sports and exercise, from Formula 1 racing to ice hockey. He is a Geelong Cats and Arsenal fan and finds staying active important to keep him grounded.