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Simon Pickering

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Simon is a curious and capable structured problem solver and former lawyer. He takes a creative, critical and holistic approach to problems, informed by a range of cross-discipline interests and a passion for purpose.

As a former litigation lawyer, he was a trusted advisor to a range of state and federal agencies, providing focused and pragmatic advice on highly sensitive and impactful work.

Influential work

  • Advised stakeholder agencies and ministers in novel and uncertain litigation, such as post-sentence control orders against high-risk terrorist offenders
  • Represented a range of law enforcement agencies in making public interest immunity claims, protecting sensitive law enforcement assets and intelligence throughout prosecutions
  • Worked with a team to overhaul the Office of Public Prosecutions’ knowledge and development platform, resulting in a 239% increase in the platform’s use by solicitors
  • Published articles in highly-respected legal academic publications on the state of sedition as an Australian criminal offence
  • Managed a theatre production that increased profits by more than 600% on the previous year while creating a seed fund for cast projects and making a substantial contribution to charity.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Simon was a lawyer at the Australian Government Solicitor, specialising in law enforcement and national security litigation, encompassing public interest immunity, witness protection, control orders, compulsory examinations and Customs prosecutions. He has worked at the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office and Office of Public Prosecutions,and is a published legal academic. Simon was Director of Development Education at the Oaktree Foundation, produced the Melbourne University Law Revue, and led a team in Wade Institute’s Startup Sprint.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Environments from the University of Melbourne and a Juris Doctor from Melbourne Law School, partially completed at the University of Copenhagen. He is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Victoria and High Court of Australia.

In his spare time...

Simon is a voracious reader, traveller and hiker who writes children’s books and loves comedy. He is on an injury-based hiatus from soccer, and a talent-based hiatus from acting.


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