Sophie Hext

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Sophie combines interpersonal skills with a drive for critical analysis to develop innovative solutions for clients.

Sophie has experience working on consulting projects in energy and natural resources, including projects relating to metals and mining forecasts, climate change issues and sustainability advances in energy production. Sophie demonstrates strong communication skills with her colleagues and clients.

Influential work

  • Conducted detailed research and data analysis of new technologies in the steel-making industry, assisting a client to develop a sustainable investment strategy
  • Provided clients with critical analysis of key metal markets, including supply and demand forecasts, identification of production challenges and general implications for the client
  • Contributed research to reports modelling opportunities and risk in the electric vehicle market, helping a client to make strategic decisions.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Sophie studied Bachelors of Engineering and Commerce at the University of Sydney. As part of her degree, Sophie studied at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Aarhus University in Denmark. Sophie completed two consulting internships at Wood Mackenzie during her university breaks, and has worked in private tutoring, retail sales and boarding school supervision.

In her spare time...

Sophie enjoys travelling, outdoor activities, cooking and playing social sports with friends.