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Our net zero emissions commitment

Our net zero emissions commitment

Our strategy for contributing to a carbon neutral society

Serious and sustained action is needed through the 21st century to limit damaging climate change from growing levels of atmospheric carbon.  How energy is made and used in households, industry and transport is at the start of a profound global transformation. Emissions from agriculture are also coming under increasing scrutiny.

Nous Group accepts its corporate and social responsibility to help reduce global emissions to net zero by 2050. This statement summarises our intent and what we will do.

Our net zero commitment will be embedded in our core business

We will seek work that helps our clients – governments, companies and community organisations – to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality, and will keep building our capability in decarbonisation strategies and programs.

Decarbonisation is likely to have a large impact on the actions of and relationships between governments, the private sector, regional communities, households and individuals. Nous has a responsibility to be an agent of that change, not just an observer of it.

We will bring our professional skills in evidence gathering, analysis, engagement and facilitation to supporting the decarbonisation task, will work with partners where complementary expertise is needed, and will report publicly on our progress against our commitments.

We understand that decarbonisation is a complex task that will require a multi-faceted response. Building clean energy exports from renewable resource-rich nations is likely to be important, as both a decarbonisation solution for energy-dependent countries and an economic offset to the decline of fossil fuel exports.

We will remain open to all potential solutions to the problems we are engaged on, so that social and economic costs are minimised, and secure, reliable and equitable access to energy and employment is enhanced.

Our commitment will also be embedded in the way we work

We will reduce the direct and indirect emissions that arise from our operations, by continuously improving our procurement and use of goods and services – such as office space, travel, energy, water, food, paper and plastics – to minimise unnecessary consumption and maximise reuse and recycling.

We will support our people to lower their individual carbon footprints by modifying our work practices and encouraging personal action and knowledge sharing in our internal forums.

We look forward to working with our clients, stakeholders and people on one of the greatest challenges of the modern era.


Announcement: Launch of Net Zero Australia – a ground-breaking study

A two-year collaboration has begun to analyse how Australia can achieve a net zero economy by 2050. The Net Zero Australia project is a collaborative partnership between the University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland, Princeton University and Nous Group.

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