Nous’ biggest ever promotions round

Nous’ biggest ever promotions round


Nous Group has promoted 84 of our team across Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom as part of our biggest ever promotion round.

In this promotion round, we appointed nine new Principals, 28 new Directors and 27 new Managers, as well as promoting 20 of our corporate team. We are pleased to report a continued focus on gender equity, with 36 of the consulting promotions being women and 28 men.

Tim Orton, the Founder and Managing Principal of Nous, said the promotions exemplified the growing capability and value of every Nous staff member.

“I am thrilled to see so many Nousers being held in ever higher regard by their clients and taking the next step in their careers,” Tim said. “These promotions, coupled with our recent recruitment efforts, demonstrate that Nous continues to grow in response to the increasing requirements of our clients, so that we can support them with their biggest challenges.”

New Principals

New Directors

  • Abby Nduva, Melbourne
  • Antonia Instone, London
  • Ariane Phillips, Melbourne
  • Brianna Page, Canberra
  • Camilla Lonsdale, Sydney
  • Carlos Blanco, Sydney
  • Daniel Cragg, Toronto
  • Doron Lavan, Melbourne
  • Francesca Catalano, Toronto
  • Grace Hutchison, Perth
  • Grace Luo, Sydney
  • Hichem Demortier, Darwin
  • Ingrid Molan, Sydney
  • Jared Norris, Brisbane
  • Jessica Weereratne, London
  • Julia Gilmour, Sydney
  • Kate Grutzner, Melbourne
  • Kathy Voukelatos, Melbourne
  • Michael Daffey, Melbourne
  • Michael Rathjen, Melbourne
  • Michael Stewart, Sydney
  • Nick Lovelock, Melbourne
  • Rebecca Herbert, Sydney
  • Sally Cutts, Brisbane
  • Samara Barchet, Sydney
  • Sarah Bell, Melbourne
  • Tim Tucker, Brisbane
  • Tom Tyler King, Melbourne

New Managers

  • Aidan Jago, Melbourne
  • Alice Arch, Canberra
  • Anjali Narendra, Sydney
  • Anthony Wong, Melbourne
  • Ashleigh Dunstan, Sydney
  • Ashley Cooke, London
  • Chantelle Ashby, Sydney
  • Colin Watson, Canberra
  • Hilary Bush, Melbourne
  • Jacky Tran, Melbourne
  • Jennifer Tran, Perth
  • Jessica Gill, Darwin
  • Joy Horng, Melbourne
  • Justine Caldwell, Melbourne
  • Kaitlyn Cole, Brisbane
  • Ken Moore, Melbourne
  • Murphy Wright, Perth
  • Paarth Arora, Melbourne
  • Paige Enright, Melbourne
  • Peta Leigh, Sydney
  • Riya Kundu, Darwin
  • Rob Hortle, Canberra
  • Sally Kerfoot, Sydney
  • Sean Connaughton, Melbourne
  • Tom Strawhorn, Melbourne
  • Trent Henderson, Sydney
  • Vincent Chan, Sydney

Corporate team promotions

  • Alannah Tran, Senior Visual Designer
  • Ari Sharp, Senior Content Manager
  • Belinda Gaddes, Senior Visual Designer
  • Bin Xue, Finance Operations Manager
  • Cara Morgan, Head of Talent
  • Cate Elliot, Security Officer/Executive & Project Assistant
  • Dandi Cao, Assistant Accountant
  • Elle McGill, Senior Visual Designer
  • Heather Thomas, Head of Client Development
  • Libby Mellor, Digital Marketing and Events Manager
  • Kaitlyn Lamb, Senior Visual Designer
  • Nathalie Swainston, Head of International Marketing
  • Peter Brand, Head of Applications and BI
  • Sarah Simon, Head of Brand Marketing
  • Skye Jackson, Head of Major Pursuits and Pricing
  • Tamara Abbott, Senior Visual Designer
  • Tarryn Raath, Senior Visual Designer
  • Tiffany Ayala, Security Officer/Executive & Project Assistant
  • Vin Sovann, Accounting & Reporting Manager
  • Vincent Conrad, Senior Adviser, Pricing and Pursuits

Published on 2 July 2021.