“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.”

Never has this saying been more relevant than in the discussion about climate change and the way to achieve net zero emissions.

The public square is filled with people making claims about an array of technologies that can get Australia to net zero, but the integrity of the claims and the robustness of the evidence can be hard to judge.

That was why we were part of Net Zero Australia, a multi-year analysis of how Australia can achieve net zero emissions for both our domestic and export economies. This analysis, the first of its kind in Australia, offers a rigorous, objective, granular and transparent analysis of pathways to net zero.

The reports from Net Zero Australia – a partnership of Nous Group, the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland and Princeton University – deliver practical insights for businesses, governments, and communities for the decades ahead.

But how can you act on what we have learned?

In our insights series, Pathways to Net Zero, our expert team highlights the key findings from Net Zero Australia and what they mean for your organisation. We offer a factual explanation of the issues and identify the key questions and opportunities for companies and governments.

We hope you find the series illuminating. We welcome the chance to talk with you about how the issues impact your organisation.

Read the full Pathways to Net Zero series here: