Adam Goodhue

Senior Consultant
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Adam is an experienced consultant who uses deep thinking to solve public policy problems.

He has worked closely with state and federal agencies to develop nuanced recommendations across regulation, education and environmental policy.

Influential work

  • Supported the Victorian Government in its workforce strategy for Early Childhood Educator and Teacher programs through analysing program data
  • Developed an operating model for the policy function of a large Australian Government agency using co-design and comparison with best practice
  • Worked with a state government department on analysis to support the procurement of a service provider for a substantial and innovative government recycling scheme
  • Supported a review of a state government initiative to improve the volume of extractive materials through quarries
  • Supported a review of Victoria’s regulatory framework for events and festivals, conducting analysis of areas of opportunity through desktop research and an extensive co-design process.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Adam worked as a Project Officer within the Australian Competition and Consumer Commissions Government Relations & Advocacy team. He holds a Master of Public Policy (Honours) from University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Business (management and international business) from Monash University.

In his spare time...

Adam loves books, movies and music. He has played the bass guitar since he was 10 and enjoys challenging himself with jazz pieces. He also obsesses over his seven-month-old kitten.