Alex Bainton

Senior Consultant

NousGroup Background Pattern
Alex is well-versed in data engineering, as well as policy research and design. His data engineering experience covers the entire pipeline – from collection through to validation and communication – in environments requiring rigorous standards compliance.
He also has notable experience producing concise and persuasive policy research, having worked for a senator. More broadly, Alex has helped several community organisations respond to changing policy environments. He retains a particular interest in interdisciplinary approach to understanding complex systems, having studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Influential Work

  • Produced written briefs for parliamentarians on matters such as NGO involvement in Australian electoral politics and the Australian policy decisions’ implications for foreign leadership
  • Researched and wrote a Cabinet submission for a senator
  • Engaged the private and not-for-profit sectors to produce a solution that resolved policy deadlock between major departments
  • Developed processes for ingesting big data and curating datasets for an automotive safety company with a focus on machine learning and computer vision, including gaining experience with every stage of the data pipeline from collection to analysis and communication
  • Led technical development and support for custom software framework with a multi-process architecture and functional safety compliance requirements.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Alex developed software and processes to ingest and analyse data and perform testing for the automotive safety company Seeing Machines. He has produced policy research and proposals for several parliamentarians on foreign policy and NGO engagement in politics.

Alex has an interest in organisational governance and leadership and has helped several community organisations navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. He maintains an interest in interdisciplinary approaches to understanding complex systems, having studied politics, philosophy, and economics at the Australian National University.

In his spare time...

A Canberra native, Alex finds himself regularly bike-riding long distances without quite knowing why. A keen church member, he regularly directs adventure camps for high schoolers and enjoys public speaking.


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