Alex O’Neill

Executive and Project Assistant

NousGroup Background Pattern
Alex has a background in healthcare, where she supported her business to help get people the care they need by managing work schedules for radiologists worldwide.
Skilled at building relationships and staying organised, she enjoys immersing herself in different tasks. Alex is always looking for ways to improve her knowledge and grow in her career.

Influential work

  • Managed work schedules of more than 70 people in multiple timezones to match the business’s demands and needs
  • Worked on a project to increase understanding and use of a scheduling tool
  • Supported cultural transformation at a company, serving on the board of a wellbeing and social group to increase team morale and improve work culture by organising companywide events.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Alex built relationships and managed work schedules for radiologists worldwide at Everlight Radiology. She nurtured relationships through better understanding individuals’ wants and needs. She used her knowledge of the radiologists to increase capacity when needed. Alex also participated in projects including the specialised pathways for radiologists to gain Medical Council of New Zealand registration.

Alex has worked in roles including recruitment, property and traffic control. She holds a Bachelor of Science, with honours in psychology, from Northumbria University.

In her spare time...

Alex enjoys trying Sydney’s great food and wine. She likes to travel and explore with her boyfriend and dog. Learning languages is also an interest.