Alexandria Harris

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Alexandria has developed a diverse skillset from her experience in venture capital and private equity and academic background in chemistry.

With a focus on product management, she has spent time incubating MedTech and energy start-ups, helping them to articulate and scale their solutions. She also has experience in higher education, where she shares her passion for science, tutoring students at Brisbane universities. 

Influential work

  • Worked with start-up founders to prototype and refine iterations in the product development phase  
  • Conducted market research and developed investment pitches for government and corporate investors to help accelerate capital raisings domestically and internationally  
  • Assisted companies’ development to generate higher returns for investors. 

Outside of Nous

Alexandria is an experienced ventures associate who has maintained a focus on product and research and development, validating the hypotheses of new innovations. Alongside her tech and venture capital experience, she is passionate about chemistry and education, and has held lead tutoring positions at two of the largest universities in Queensland. She was grateful to have been joint editor of a chemistry textbook, which covers the fundamental chemistry concepts taught in most secondary schools worldwide.  

Alexandria holds a Bachelor of Advanced Science (First Class Honours) from The University of Queensland. 

In her spare time...

Alexandria enjoys spending time at the beach relaxing with family and friends. She loves the outdoors and can often be found walking or cycling with friends in her spare time.