Angela Connors


NousGroup Background Pattern
Angela is passionate about human services and ensuring policy and services deliver better outcomes for all.
She has more than 15 years of experience leading service delivery operations across child and family, disability, aged care and health services. She also brings expertise in service and policy design, including implementation, regulatory compliance, service reviews, strategic planning, facilitation and multi-stakeholder engagement. Angela is enthusiastic about developing future leaders in human services.

Influential work

  • Supported change management, cultural transformation and workforce development for government–divested disability services and other service mergers
  • Arranged the accreditation of disability services for large social purpose agency Life Without Barriers, achieving compliance on all indicators, developing service delivery improvement plans and developing a project management approach applicable for all states and territories
  • Designed and implemented the structure for a good practice framework for disability services, enabling practice uplift and better client outcomes
  • Led human services service delivery for Australia’s largest not-for-profit organisation, developing a workforce of more than 5,000 people
  • In collaboration with health CEOs, designed and implemented a region–wide health services partnership to improve rural Victorians’ health outcomes.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous Angela led operations across disability, aged care and child, youth and family services at Life Without Barriers, Australia’s largest social purpose provider. She deeply understands state and national requirements for human services delivery and appreciates diverse communities, particularly in rural, remote and isolated locations.

Angela has worked in Victoria’s then Department of Health and Human Services, advising on policy and service design. She was the Northeast Victoria regional recovery director for the Black Saturday bushfire disaster, advising government on communities’ recovery requirements and leading partnerships between responders, local government and community service agencies.

Angela has also worked in local government and education. She holds a Master of Commerce (International Business) with a focus on global leadership.

In her spare time...

Angela enjoys playing bridge, learning mahjong and trying to get beyond beginner Mandarin. She has travelled extensively and loves immersing herself in other cultures.