Apollo Lin


Apollo Lin headshot
Through an analytical lens, Apollo crafts tailored solutions to help clients’ meet their unique challenges.
Growing up across two continents, Apollo is well-versed in communicating with different customs and cultures. He works alongside people with varying roles, from developers to executive directors, to bridge gaps between different perspectives. He is also adept at understanding unfamiliar concepts and processes quickly, which helps him navigate unexpected hurdles.

Influential work

  • Helped grow a technology resource not-for-profit start-up from a regional to a North America-wide organization
  • Improved the organizational efficiency of a regional healthcare system, including through building financial models
  • Co-launched a new agile team to help a financial services institution’s transformation, chairing backlog refinement, user story estimation, sprint planning and reviewing, retrospectives and other agile processes
  • Organized a team of eight to improve task assignment and transparency, streamlining how to monitor and report tasks and serving as the bridge between the co-op team and other department members
  • Assisted in exploring and presenting a white-box ensemble model to analyze credit card applications.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Apollo completed internships at various financial services and telecommunications organizations. He utilized agile principles and developed products at BMO and Ericsson Canada. He also worked as a student consultant at Smith Business Consulting while completing his Bachelor of Commerce and Certificate in Data Analytics at Queen’s University.

Outside of professional work, Apollo serves on the executive board of Project Tech Careers, a not-for-profit organization aimed at improving access to technology-related educational resources for high school and middle school students. He loves helping young people gain better access to opportunities in the world of technology.

Apollo competed in the 34th Canadian National Japanese Speech Contest and placed first in the Beginner’s Category.

In his spare time...

Apollo loves learning new languages and listening to music from different parts of the world. He also enjoys karaoke, travelling and baking banana bread.