Ben Whitton


Ben Whitton headshot
Ben is a public policy expert with extensive experience in a range of sectors including health, mental health, disability, child protection and housing.
To complex policy problems he brings a unique mix of policy skills, including service planning, financial and economic analysis and modelling, policy development and implementation, and the ability to analyse large, linked datasets.

Influential work

  • Provided key data and policy analysis to support the development of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System’s reforms, which aim to improve the lives of people experiencing psychological distress and mental illness
  • Established a new team in the Department of Premier and Cabinet to support the delivery of key reforms in the disability, child protection and housing sectors
  • Supported the financial evaluation component of the transfer of government disability services to the non-government sector to ensure government received good value for its investment
  • Developed and implemented a new funding model for acute non-admitted health services to support a more transparent and equitable allocation of funding
  • Provided key financial analysis to support the Victorian Government’s negotiation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme agreement to achieve better outcomes for people with disabilities.

Outside of Nous

I have previously held a range of roles in the Victorian Public Service including in policy development, project management, service planning, data analysis and management. This includes working in the Department of Health, Department of Premier and Cabinet and at the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System. I was recognized as a nominee for one of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Excellence Awards and ran one of the Department and Premier and Cabinet’s staff networks.

I have a Master of Public Health, specializing in health economics, from the University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in finance, from the University of New South Wales.