Bridget Seawright


Bridget Seawright headshot
Bridget has recently graduated the University of Queensland with a Master of Public Policy and Economics.
Bridget’s experience lies within public policy and economic analysis, specifically in sectors including climate, environment and health. Through working with both government and private sector clients, Bridget has been able to assist with decarbonisation policy as well various climate change initiatives. Bridget is well-versed in cost-benefit analysis.

Influential work

  • Completed a master’s thesis “The Australian National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children- An Economic Policy Evaluation”, examining what has constituted public policy success and initiatives under the National Plan over the last 10-12 years, analysing government spending over the plan’s four stages and providing recommendations for the next plan
  • Completed an honour’s project “The Effect of Board Diversity on Financial Performance”, collecting data on the board diversity of the ASX200 as of 2020, analysing gender, race and educational diversity data and regressing it against financial performance where financial performance was measured as the annual increase in total assets
  • As part of a penultimate internship at the Reserve Bank of Australia, published an internal note at the bank that involved forecasting the size of the Australian Superannuation Sector for the next 25 years.

Outside of Nous

In the past few years, Bridget has completed internships and part-time roles in finance, economics and public policy. She worked part-time at Synergies Economic Consulting and Deloitte Access Economics for one year each. In addition, Bridget completed an internship at the Reserve Bank of Australia. During her Master of Economics and Public Policy, Bridget worked as an analyst for QIC in the liquid markets group. Bridget also holds a Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours).

In her spare time...

Bridget’s hobbies largely include travel, cooking, reading, volunteering and sport. For the last four months of her Masters, Bridget travelled around Australia in a van.