Callan Adams


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Callan combines expertise in finance and marketing to accurately interpret quantitative and qualitative datasets and provide high-quality insights on a diverse range of business problems.
He brings years of experience in client-facing roles, allowing him to communicate clearly and confidently with stakeholders at all levels. Callan has worked across education, human services and financial services.

Influential work

  • Introduced and managed a monthly newsletter for a boutique hedge fund, ensuring that all three key pillars of the investor group received regular and relevant information and performance updates
  • Took a novel music promotion service to market within a global start-up environment
  • Tutored and mentored hundreds of Economics and Marketing students at university, assisting and providing feedback on a 24/7 basis.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Callan interned at a recruitment consulting firm at a time of unprecedented activity, taking a personal and caring approach to engaging with clients and candidates. In 2021, he managed the formal and informal communications suite at a boutique hedge fund during a critical rebranding period.

Callan has also taken on numerous leadership roles – notably as a school camp leader, junior football coach and university Welcome Week organiser. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Studies from the University of Sydney.

In his spare time...

Outside of work Callan is a keen sportsman, enjoying football, tennis and golf; and an experienced disk jockey.


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