Christie Allison


Christie Allison headshot
Christie is an organisational development specialist with over 15 years of experience. She leads Nous’ leadership strategy, assessment and development business offer and partners with clients to lead, design and deliver innovative people, culture, leadership and transformation initiatives.
Christie brings contemporary thinking to pragmatic solutions that shift culture, capability and performance at an individual, team and organisational level. She is an expert facilitator with an engaging, adaptive approach that draws out personal and collective insight and accountability. She works with complex private and public sector organisations, including health, human services and financial services.

Influential work

  • Worked with executive teams and senior leader cohorts in the health sector to improve leadership performance, alignment and accelerate strategic priorities
  • Designed and delivered contemporary virtual development programs to uplift leadership and culture change capability across the NSW public sector
  • Delivered a bespoke senior leadership development program at a private financial institution to embed critical behaviours and core leadership capabilities needed to support a cultural transformation
  • Designed a leadership development program for a private global product and service provider in defence and infrastructure, measurably improving operational performance
  • Defined the desired culture for a shared services agency and aligned leaders to enact the culture change to a more customer focused, empowered organisation.

Outside of Nous

Christie has a background in science and prior to Nous, worked for the state government in scientific research project delivery and management.

In her spare time...

Christie is a fibre artist and participates and coaches in personal development.