Claudia Choi

Executive and Project Assistant

NousGroup Background Pattern
Claudia a team player who is joining Nous from a software company bringing her organizational and communication skills.
She has extensive experience working with start-ups and implementation. She has also worked with a diverse profile of professionals in a wide scope of industries as an executive assistant. Claudia is passionate about the environmental and renewables industries and is excited to help others reduce their environmental impact.

Outside of Nous

Claudia graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours in social psychology) and from Mohawk College with a Certificate of Applied Behavioural Analysis. Previously, she gained extensive experience in the healthcare industry as a Lead Applied Behaviour Analyst.

Early in her career, Claudia was an executive assistant while contributing to human resources and quality management. She has developed a quality management system that has been audited and accredited by the International Standard for Organization.

In her spare time...

Claudia is an amateur baker and loves trying recipes. You might catch her traveling the world and sampling cuisines.