Courtney Greenwood


Courtney Greenwood headshot
Courtney has a background in research focusing on how to prepare people to be fast and accurate decision-makers in complex, high risk and constantly changing environments.
She has also spent four years in psychometric assessment for recruitment, selection and development and brings excellent interpersonal skills and client management along with expertise in quantitative design and analysis.

Influential work

  • Conducted capability assessments for executive level roles in the public and private sector for the purpose of leadership selection
  • Published a paper on the effect of cue utilisation in driving on response inhibition and presented it at the Australian Experimental Psychology Conference
  • Conducted data analysis for a 360-degree review of 80 executive leaders of a Fortune 100 company, contributing to leadership development and company improvement
  • Oversaw the graduate capability assessment process for various companies.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Courtney conducted research in expertise, problem-solving and decision-making. She also worked for Allworth Juniper Organisational Psychologists and Comcorp, a community engagement consultancy.

Outside of work, Courtney has volunteered to assist the i4Give Foundation during its formative year. She holds a Master of Research in Psychology, a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), and a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University.

In her spare time...

Courtney enjoys being outdoors adventuring with her Aussiedoodle puppy Tweezy, whether it be camping, boating, fishing or hiking.