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Cristina combines solid research, analysis and interpersonal skills to deliver excellent results for clients and stakeholders.
She brings expertise in policy research and evaluation, having worked on capacity-building projects for governments, defence institutions and non-governmental organisations. Cristina is also confident in delivering remote training sessions to large audiences in multiple languages. Because of her experiences working overseas, Cristina has a highly collaborative mindset and feels strongly about the importance of dialogue to bring about positive change.

Influential work

  • Delivered real and sustainable impact to governments, civil society and people impacted by violent extremism under the EU-funded STRIVE Global
  • Produced empirical social research for local NGOs working to transform the lives of the youth through education
  • Assisted in the development of NATO’s first Counter-Terrorism Reference Curriculum (2020)
  • Worked with the Defence Education Enhancement Program to support NATO’s allies and partners, such as the National Defence University of Ukraine
  • Supported stakeholders’ engagement efforts by producing visual materials to communicate program achievements and results.

Outside of Nous

Before Nous, Cristina worked in capacity building for civil society organisations. She compiled, revised and analysed project data for the EU-funded STRIVE Global and WONDER Foundation. STRIVE’s main goal was to build the capacity of state and non-state actors to challenge radicalisation into violent extremism while continuing to respect human rights and international law. At WONDER, she volunteered as a researcher and familiarised herself with the project cycle of management and logical frameworks for intervention. Since 2020, Cristina has supported NATO as a researcher and instructor on a casual basis.

In her spare time...

Cristina enjoys playing tennis and learning foreign languages. She also loves to spend time with her family in Spain.


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