Daniel Austin

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With a background in economics, mathematics and technology, Daniel boasts a versatile quantitative and qualitative skillset.

He is knowledgeable about economics and public policy, and has actively led initiatives to foster meaningful employment prospects for individuals with disabilities. Known for his approachability, strong work ethic and collaborative spirit, Daniel is an excellent addition to any team.

Influential work

  • Worked as a research assistant for Professor Stephen Snudden, supporting development of new innovative forecasting methods for primary commodities
  • Worked as a supervisor at award-winning student company EarthSuds, where he oversaw a team of employees with disabilities as part of the company’s sustainability mission
  • Worked as a digital fraud investigator as Scotiabank, identifying thousands of defrauded accounts and alerting more to possible compromise.

Outside of Nous

Daniel graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and minors in mathematics and computer science.

In his spare time...

Daniel loves music, readings articles, spending time with his friends and family, trying new things, and taking his extremely high energy dog Hubble on long walks.


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