Daniel Sullivan


NousGroup Background Pattern
Daniel is adaptive and has a wide range of professional interests.
He has a strong foundation in policy development from his Bachelor of Arts, as well as experience in marketing and designing supply chain networks from his Graduate Certificate of Business. Daniel enjoys learning foreign languages and has a strong proficiency in French and Spanish. He is a native Italian speaker, having spent most of his childhood in that country.

Influential work

  • Completed a micro-consulting project analysing whether battery electric buses or hydrogen-fuelled buses would best align with the Victorian Department of Transport’s strategic objectives
  • Volunteered for the Smith Family, where he was trained with pedagogical strategies to help students who were falling behind on literacy at the Learning Clubs
  • Guided Australia Post customers through complex enquiries and resolved disputes to help improve customer satisfaction
  • Collaborated in designing tailored Italian language study plans, at the Italian Institute of Culture, to improve student progress and overall student retention
  • Gained experience in applying the ISO 31000:2018 risk management guidelines in a variety of organisational contexts, including identifying risks, assessing their impact and likelihood, and evaluating controls to mitigate or take advantage of them.

Outside of Nous

Daniel received the Elizabeth Keane Memorial prize for excellence in foreign languages towards the end of high school. He pursued his language ability by actively participating in the University of Melbourne Italian and French clubs, where he took part in theatrical productions.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Micro Certificate in Government Budget Essentials from University of Melbourne, a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping from Swinburne University of Technology and a Graduate Certificate of Business from Monash University.

In his spare time...

Daniel is an amateur scuba diver and loves the outdoors. He is keen to make the most of it while in the Northern Territory.