Darcy Bandeen


NousGroup Background Pattern
With a track record for driving positive change, Darcy excels in researching and developing tailored solutions for diverse clientele.
Passionate about equity, inclusion, and student empowerment, Darcy brings excellent problem-solving and communication skills to their team. Having a multi-disciplinary educational background and diverse working experiences, Darcy brings expertise in strategic planning, project management, and team leadership. Darcy is a collaborative and enthusiastic team player who is attentive and adaptable to their client’s needs.

Influential work

  • Initiated and produced the University of British Columbia (UBC) Trans and Nonbinary Student to empower gender-diverse individuals with accessible resources on student information systems, safe housing, and medical care
  • Restructured financial reporting processes at Cordelio Power, resulting in improved internal transparency and decision-making
  • Refined the recruitment and onboarding process for the UBC Transgender Mentorship Program, resulting in increased program participation
  • Developed content for the UBC Positive Space course, now taught across the university
  • Was instrumental in developing COVID-19-friendly virtual campus tours that expanded UBC’s global reach and increased international engagement.

Outside of Nous

Prior to working at Nous, Darcy worked in financial planning and analysis at Cordelio Power, where they supported a project to streamline internal reporting processes, improving efficiency and providing high-level financial insight to the executive team.

Darcy graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in sociology and minoring in environmental studies. While at university, Darcy dedicated themselves to bettering student experiences for marginalized students, especially for gender diverse individuals.

In their spare time...

Outside of work, you can find Darcy running, painting and attempting to learn the ropes at rock climbing.