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Dean Bevitt

Senior Consultant
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Dean has been involved with a wide variety of projects from educational change to technology optimisation.

His background in psychology and experience in engineering have combined to develop a diverse skillset that he applies to both analytical and interpersonal scenarios.

Influential work

  • Coordinated with the Faculty Board of Human Sciences at Macquarie University to increase student engagement
  • Assisted the Faculty of Human Sciences at Macquarie University with the integration of student involvement in policy decisions
  • Optimised the software used by paralegals at ShelstonIP to allow for more efficient and effective document screening processes
  • Provided leadership training and conflict resolution techniques to young adults from diverse backgrounds in San Francisco.

Outside of Nous

Dean was involved in a wide range of activities before joining Nous. He worked as a trip-leader in California, volunteered at Lifeline and was nominated and received a Rotary Young Leadership Award in 2018. He holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from Macquarie University.

In his spare time...

Dean spends his time at the gym, bushwalking, or upscaling old junk from op shops.


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