Dharmita Padhi


Dharmita Padhi headshot
Dharmita brings strong interpersonal skills and interdisciplinary experience to address important and contemporary issues.
She works with stakeholders at all levels to deliver robust analysis and solve complex problems. She brings diverse experience working in economic policy and strategy with the New South Wales (NSW) Government, and in transfer pricing within the private sector.

Influential work

  • Built the case to establish the $700 million NSW Future Economy Fund in the 2022-23 NSW Budget through extensive research, policy development and economic analysis
  • Developed a new evaluation approach for the Department of Regional NSW to assess the outcomes and economic impacts of more than $4 billion of grant funding for regional growth and recovery programs
  • Delivered complex and fit-for-purpose organisational design for major regulators within Australia through extensive stakeholder engagement, resource mapping and cost modelling
  • Represented NSW Government priorities through writing whole-of-government responses to public inquiries, internally coordinating responses to cabinet submissions, and addressing questions raised during budget estimates hearings
  • Managed cross-border relationships with multinational clients to meet local transfer pricing obligations.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Dharmita worked with the NSW Government to produce new policy proposals with robust economic analysis to support industry growth and investment initiatives. She has been an advocate and member of workplace organisations that promote diversity, inclusion, and empowerment, including organising an Investment NSW-wide virtual trivia during COVID-19 lockdown to boost morale.

Dharmita holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours in economics) and a Bachelor of Laws from University of Sydney. She also undertook the Investment NSW Program Evaluation Course at University of Technology Sydney.

In her spare time...

Dharmita enjoys going out in nature for a hike and recharging with hot chocolate.