Elaaf Mohamed

Senior Consultant

NousGroup Background Pattern
Elaaf combines high-level research and analysis skills to develop creative solutions to complex problems.
His data analysis capabilities and experience across a range of research areas have enabled him to adapt quickly to new and complex environments and add value. He has expertise in the higher education and public sectors.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Elaaf worked at the Department of Education as a Science Policy Fellow and a Policy Officer. There, he worked on developing policy to support Australian research in areas such as national research infrastructure and research funding for universities.

Before that, Elaaf was a postdoctoral researcher at the Australian National University working primarily as a computational chemist. His research included using computer simulations and models to study chemical and biochemical reactions.

Elaaf holds a PhD in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the Australian National University.


Key Capabilities

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