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Hannah Murphy

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Hannah’s experience spans the not-for-profit (NFP), property management and banking industries, where she has worked in technology and marketing.

Highlights include building a machine-learning data platform that converts large datasets into actionable insights for sales teams, and developing a disruptive feature for a new Australian banking app. As well as learning to navigate data and technical solutions, Hannah’s 18 months’ experience in technology has enabled her to work well in various teams, communicating with designers, engineers, legal and business teams alike.

Influential work

  • Devised and developed a new feature for an Australian banking app, which was given accelerated priority to go live to customers
  • Served as President of the University of Melbourne’s Oaktree club, an NFP international development agency, guiding the club’s fundraising efforts through the early stages of COVID-19
  • Built a machine-learning data platform that synthesised large datasets into actionable insights for a banking sales team
  • Led a marketing campaign in a tight four-week timeframe for a leading Melbourne retail destination, reaching a targeted audience of 110,000 on a budget of under $850
  • Led change and communication for more than 1500 stakeholders in the months leading up to and following a key system change at a ‘big four’ Australian bank.

Outside of Nous

Throughout her Bachelor of Commerce (marketing/accounting) at the University of  Melbourne, Hannah worked as an English tutor, supporting high school students to meet their academic goals and attain post-secondary success. After graduating, she joined ANZ’s Graduate Program and worked across five different teams in the Technology department, gaining experience in banking product management and technical and data analysis.

During her studies, Hannah was President of the Melbourne University Oaktree club and an active member of the Melbourne University Debating Society. She also completed a year of exchange study at Durham University in the UK.

In her spare time...

Hannah will take any opportunity to travel but when she’s home and spends most of her time reading, with friends or on a run.

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