Heather Thomas

Head of Client Development

Heather Thomas headshot
Heather has experience driving and implementing transformational change in complex organisations. Clients seek out her expertise in strategy development, leadership and management, large systems change and human resource management.
She has demonstrable success communicating, training, challenging, mentoring, coaching and influencing people to change for the benefit of organisations and their clients. She has experience in the higher education, not-for-profit and health sectors.

Influential work

  • Worked on the amalgamation of a national social services organisation to develop a new long-term strategy, leadership and cultural transformation
  • Coordinated implementation of an organisational restructure in student services at a large dual-sector educational institution, including coordinating 12 work streams to ensure change readiness and maintain business continuity
  • Coordinated the design and implementation of organisational restructures in two central academic divisions within a Group of Eight (Go8) university
  • Managed business change associated with large system implementations for Go8 and dual-sector universities
  • Led the digitisation of human resources processes at a Go8 university, involving establishing an agile release train focused on working rapidly to deliver value through business process reform and development and online forms release.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous Heather held senior roles in several higher education institutions over more than 10 years. This included responsibility for student administration, academic governance and management of transformational change at Go8 and dual-sector universities.

Heather has also gained an understanding of secondary education, health and aged care through her studies; which include a Master of Human Resource Management from Monash University; and Bachelors of Social Work and Education (Secondary) from The University of Melbourne; as well as courses in scaled agile frameworks and managing successful programs.

In her spare time...

Heather likes nothing more than reading, talking and writing about interesting things. She takes every opportunity to travel, enjoying fancy resorts or camping out in the desert under the stars.