Imalka Rangala

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Imalka has a passion for working in strategy, where she uses research and analytics to solve meaningful problems.

A friendly, positive and curious person, she values good communication and building relationships within her team and with clients. 

Influential work

  • Minimised operational and transportation costs for a business by creating an optimisation tool using Julia, a programming language, after learning about the current operational processes  
  • Delivered strategies for key causal factors for mental health in professional sports, after interviewing more than 10 industry professionals and analysing industry drivers and systematic problems. 

Outside of Nous

Imalka started Project Smile, a student-run not-for-profit organisation that provides disabled children with long-term therapeutic interaction. She has volunteered in several not-for-profit organisations in Malaysia and Australia. 

In her spare time...

Imalka enjoys playing badminton with friends, playing guitar and painting. 


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