Isabelle Mellor

Senior Consultant

Isabelle Mellor headshot
Isabelle combines strategy and policy expertise with experience working on-the-ground in primary care health administration to deliver excellent results for clients and their stakeholders.
She has a passion for health and human services project, and has worked across the public sector in sustainability, industry, culture and heritage. Isabelle enjoys applying her rigorous academic background in the humanities to creatively tackle challenges and then clearly communicate their solutions.

Influential work

  • Monitored and evaluated the 10-year National Stillbirth Action and Implementation Plan
  • Wrote the 2022-2025 Data Strategy and associated Implementation Plan for the Australian Government Department of Health
  • Conducted comparative policy research for a large-scale Regulatory Impact Statement regarding GP data
  • Delivered an expedited review of a local government advisory council during a sensitive transition period
  • Reviewed and updated the performance measurement framework for the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science and Resources.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Isabelle was an administrator at a busy Queanbeyan GP clinic for two years, giving her an in-depth understanding of the service delivery side of the health sector and a passion for improving patient experience. She lived and studied in Paris for five years, and completed a Bachelor of English, a Bachelor of History and postgraduate studies in English literature at Sorbonne University.

In her spare time...

Isabelle enjoys reading, singing in choirs and cheerfully losing at various team with her friends.