James Rendoth


James Rendoth headshot
James is a determined problem solver.
He applies his strategy and economics experience across the financial services, technology, energy, environment and infrastructure sectors. He partners with clients ranging from large multinationals to nimble home–grown start-ups. He is also motivated by a desire to truly understand the complex needs of his clients and tailor sustainable solutions that meet them.

Influential work

  • Designed a forward-thinking social investment strategy to generate positive regional impact for an Australian member-based bank
  • Developed a suite of strategic planning tools to help an organisation operating in a dynamic environment have the most important conversation from strategic analysis through to implementation
  • Partnered with a public sector agency to analyse a $500 million portfolio of loans to identify opportunities for growth and reduction in exposure to climate risk
  • Supported a large Australian transport operator to build an evidenced-based strategy for pricing of services
  • Set up a new centre of excellence responsible for delivering data privacy strategy and building customer trust as part of a financial services transformation program.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, James worked in several roles with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, including in data management, economics and risk. Prior to this he was with Bravura Solutions and played an integral role in preparing the start-up for its initial public offering. He holds a double degree from the University of New South Wales, part of which was completed in Latin America.

In his spare time...

James’ spare time is usually spent planning the next travel adventure, trying his hand at a new recipe or seeking out live music with friends.