Jenny Cleary


Jenny Cleary headshot
Jenny has almost 20 years of consulting experience working across the Australian and Irish health systems.
She works with health organisations including government health departments, local health districts, service providers and peak bodies. Her areas of expertise include aged care and dementia, health workforce strategy and planning, health system governance and board performance, strategy and implementation, service reviews and complex stakeholder engagement.

Influential work

  • Evaluated the Stronger Rural Health Strategy, a 10-year package of workforce initiatives, to identify opportunities to enhance the regional, rural and remote workforce, including engaging across the sector to develop a strategic narrative to underpin primary care workforce initiatives, and applying this framework to deliver deep-dive evaluations of four initiatives
  • Worked with a regional health district to analyse its workforce issues and needs, and to develop a focused, pragmatic workforce strategy, supported by implementation and communication plans
  • Worked with management and delivery professionals from a large community-managed organisation to review community mental health programs in order to improve service design and delivery
  • Worked with the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care to identify opportunities to enhance the Quality Indicator Program and Star Ratings, focused on residential and home care settings
  • Delivered projects to improve governance across NSW Health entities, including: working with board chairs and members to assess governance performance and identify areas for improvement; designing and delivering the NSW Health board member induction program for new members; and considering system-level governance structures and improvements.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous Jenny worked with consortia groups to design and develop large tender responses, securing multi-million-dollar contracts for mental health programs. She also served as the Chairperson of a community-managed, not-for-profit early childhood education centre.

In her spare time...

Jenny enjoys travelling, splitting her time between trips home to Ireland and exploring Australia. At weekends she can be found at rugby and soccer fields supporting her sons and enjoying Sydney’s many great cafes and restaurants.