Jess Moore


Jess Moore headshot
Jessica is a recent graduate of the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Science.
Her specialties in economics and psychology allow her to address people-centred problems. Jessica is passionate about being of service and is skilled at analysis and research. Her joy in breaking down a problem combines with her dedication to allow her to provide quality recommendations.

Outside of Nous

Before Nous, Jessica worked in retail, gaining experience in customer service. She is also a committee member for her community band and is involved in the leadership and organisation of competitions and performances.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Science, majoring in psychology, from University of New South Wales.

In her spare time...

Jessica enjoys keeping creative, from music to baking to handcrafts and crossword puzzles. Whether she’s singing with the choir or knitting a jumper she always enjoys making something beautiful.