Joseph Orange


NousGroup Background Pattern
Joe is an experienced strategy consultant with expertise in energy, decarbonisation and regulatory reform.
He has a strong sense of intellectual curiosity, a passion for effective problem-solving and a Bachelor of Economics/Laws (Honours I) from the University of Queensland.

Influential work

  • Led a review into the regulatory frameworks governing a fast-growing energy sector to identify opportunities for government to support further growth
  • Supported the establishment of a government agency (60+ FTE staff) responsible for energy sector planning, procurement and design
  • Advised an electricity distributor on the implications of the decarbonisation of Australia’s electricity sector for vulnerable customer groups
  • Conducted extensive policy research for the two-year Net Zero Australia study, modelling in unprecedented detail how Australia can achieve a net zero economy by 2050
  • Led the delivery of community focus groups in Australian communities impacted by natural disasters or extreme weather events to understand opportunities for local energy companies to support these communities in building resilience to future events.

Outside of Nous

Joe previously worked as a project manager at a digital consulting firm, where he led the delivery of bespoke software solutions for large enterprise and government clients. This included delivering an industry-first learning management system for one of the largest registered training organisations in Queensland.

He also previously worked as a legal research assistant at the University of Queensland. In 2020, he published a paper in the Australian Law Journal on the need for statutory reform to safeguard the anonymity of journalists’ confidential sources during police raids.

In his spare time...

Joseph enjoys playing squash and soccer. He also harbours a strong interest in politics, foreign affairs, and business management.