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Karl De Menezes

Senior Consultant
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Karl is a Senior Consultant specialising in digital and business strategy. His strong data analytics capabilities provide an evidence base for tailored solutions.

He draws on his background in mechanical engineering to provide an evidence-based approach to solutions and approach challenging problems in a structured manner.

Influential work

  • Managed the return to campus for a large research-intensive university to ensure the campus was safe and ready in a post-COVID environment
  • Worked with a government department to help it optimise its space assets across multiple sites, including through building a data model to allow the department to assess their space needs in a growing department
  • Assisted a large university create a digital strategy, involving large-scale consultation and institutional views consolidation to create a shared vision of digital services
  • Worked with a private company to establish the feasibility of providing online apprenticeships, including sizing the market and assessing potential entry barriers
  • Helped a global university refresh its architecture framework to ensure its market suitability for all campuses.

Outside of Nous

Karl worked as a researcher at the University of Bristol, where he designed mechanical fixings for industrial use. Additionally, he has worked as ground staff at both Heathrow and Gatwick airports, assisting aircraft maintenance and baggage handling crews. He was also the University of Bristol Windsurfing Society’s Outreach Officer and the Muscle and Athletics Sports Society’s Treasurer.

Karl holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol.

In his spare time...

Karl enjoys exploring his home city of London, where there is always something new to see.


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